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Started in 2014 Luxury Apartments Delft had 1 vision which never changed. Our vision is providing the guest with an experience. Not just a simple night away. Everything we do is to create the WOW feeling. To think outside the box and make you feel very special. To create this experience we beautifully design our apartments, provide them with all the luxury equipment and locate them in the city centre of Delft.

Our Luxury Apartments are available for leisure and business. Suitable for 2 till 12 guests in the same apartment. With all the beautiful monuments and stores on walking distance. The apartments are bookable for stays from 1+ months with the posibility to register. Add extra services to your stay to make yourself even more comfortable and a real citizen of Delft. 

In walking distance from the aparmtent you have the Delft train station which has direct connections to Shiphol, Rotterdam Airport, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and much more lovely places in the Netherlands. Don’t forget the TU-Delft university, Delft Techpark and Unesco. The apartments are surrounded by history take a look at the churches and even the buildings are from 1400 and before.

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