Teambuilding House XXL

Trainings, meetings and team building are very important matters within an organization. These aspects give you the power to grow.

The Team Building House XXL gives your company members the opportunity to bond and get to know each other in a different way.

If they know each other better they can perform in a higher level and accomplish more. Make them feel ‘part of the Team’.

Start the day with a delicious breakfast in the Team Building House XXL. After breakfast, the training and meetings can begin. You can give presentations in the private cinema or in the living room on the 50-inch flat screen TV’s. End the day with a lovely meal. In the 8-meter-long kitchen you can be your own cook or arrange a private chef to have the meal prepared. Enjoy together with a nice glass of wine on the house. Don’t worry because the XXL is equipped with 6 bedrooms so everyone can stay for the night. Need more rooms? Close by we have more apartments available for everyone.


12 x ?

✓ Wifi
✓ 8 meters long fully equipped kitchen
✓ Oven
✓ Microwave
✓ Utilities

✓ Washing machine
✓ Dryer
✓ Refrigerator
✓ 6 bathrooms
✓ 1st and 2nd floor
✓ Wifi
✓ Flat screen TV’s
✓ 6 bedrooms
✓ Private house
✓ Cinema
✓ 450 square meters


Supermarkets, restaurants and several bakeries are just around the corner, for you to enjoy a lovely breakfast in your Team Building House XXL. The history of Delft can be found all around with historical monuments and museums within walking distance.

The Technical University of Delft, train station, UNESCO-IHE and the Delft Tech Park and Business center are situated within walking distance.

The closest airport is Rotterdam The Hague Airport (8 kilometres). Amsterdam Schiphol Airport takes a 35-minute drive.

Should you have any questions please call or email us. We are happy to help.

This house is also suitable for big families. Check it out  >>>

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