A unique experience in Delft

Team of Luxury Apartments Delft in front of The Lounge, the breakfast room.

Must visit

Known for the famous pottery, Delft is a must visit city in The Netherlands. The charming city is full of history and unique experiences. The city still upholds outstanding and unique old-fashioned Dutch architecture.

Family Business

Luxury Apartments Delft, a company started by a father and a son, grants you the opportunity to stay in historic Dutch buildings, located directly in the heart of Delft.

Delft pottery. Source: Pottery

Luxury Apartments Delft

A wonderful stay

You are guaranteed to have a wonderful stay in these unique composition apartments, with each being differently designed. Luxury Apartments Delft strives for excellence, quality, and comfort.


The apartments are fully equipped, each with contemporary living rooms and kitchens, all furnished with well-known brands. With the apartments being anything but simple, the goal is to provide a WOW-feeling, to make every guest feel special.

Business rooms

Beside these luxury apartments, the company also offers Business Rooms, which are unique, trendy, and always including breakfast. The rooms have luxury showers, Nespresso Coffee machines, and not to forget, desks to get some work done if needed.


International Team

The family business is supported by an international team. Beside Dutch and English, languages as Spanish, French, Lithuanian, German, Papiementu and Romanian are being spoken within the company.

Happy to help you

Upon the check-in guests get the opportunity to receive all the information about Delft and its tourist attractions in their prefered language. Too much luggage with you? No problem! The staff is happy to help you using the ‘’Bakfiets’’. It does not get more Dutch than that!

Team of Luxury Apartments Delft in front of The Lounge, the breakfast room.

Your Royal Stay in Delft


Would you like to come to Delft?

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