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Reception Luxury Apartments Delft

Address: Oude Delft 169, 2611 HB Delft

Opening hours:
Monday till Friday: 08:30 – 17:30
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 – 17:00

Contact information:
Phone: +31 6 831 777 09


How to get to Luxury Apartments Delft

From Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

By Train

• Travel time: 45 minutes
• Travel costs: € 10,00 P.P. with OV chip card

Go to platform 5-6 and take the NS Intercity towards Dordrecht. This direct train will leave every 30 minutes. Go off at train station Delft. You will arrive at platform 2.


By Taxi

• Travel time: 30 minutes
• Travel costs: € 75 to € 100

Luxury Apartments Delft can arrange a taxi for you from Schiphol to our reception.

Keep in mind that the reservation needs to be made a few days in advance.

Go to the official taxi spot on the front side of Schiphol airport. There will be someone to assist you.

By car

If you are coming by car towards Delft make sure to take the A13 and take exit 9 at the IKEA of Delft.


• Markt Garage: Willem Naghelstraat 1, 2612 XD Delft
• Zuidpoort Garage: Zuidwal 14, 2611 DD Delft

They both work with an hourly rate and offer a daily fee of € 18.

From Rotterdam Airport

By Train Option 1 (2 Transfers)

• Travel time: 48 minutes
• Travel costs: € 4,99 P.P. with OV chip card

Walk from Rotterdam The Hague Airport to the bus stop Lutonbaan, Rotterdam.

From there take bus RET Streekbus 33 towards Meijersplein Metro. Walk to the metro station Meijersplein which is 180-meter walk.

Take the subway metro E towards Slinge and go off at Centraal Station, Rotterdam.

Go to platform 9 and take the Intercity to Lelystad Centrum. Go off at the stop Station Delft.


By Train Option 2 (1 transfer)

• Travel time: 54 minutes
• Travel costs: €2,67 P.P. with the OV chipcard

Walk from Rotterdam The Hague Airpot to the bus stop Lutonbaan, Rotterdam.

Take bus 33 to Central Station via Airport. On the half of the trip it will change the information on the bus to Delft station. Go off at Delft station. For the walking directions, we kindly ask you to download the map below.

By Taxi

• Travel time: 15/20 minutes
• Travel costs: € 30 to € 40

Go to the official taxi spot of the airport.

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